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January 30, 2011

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you had a good Christmas. I sure did, there were lots of presents, and cookies, and fun things. If you're good, I'll tell you a story. But you have to sit down.

First, we had to go and visit Santa so I could tell him what I wanted. He came in a big fire engine and I got to sit on his lap and tell him that I wanted a scooter (which he brought me, yes!) Rachel cried but I was brave.

We also had to make lots of cookies so Santa could have something to snack on and we also put out carrots for his reindeer. I helped make the cookies but not the carrots.

Here's some more videos of me helping to make cookies, first you have to roll it out and then you get to put sprinkles on it. I made a Buzz Lightyear cookie but someone else took it and ate it, rats!

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Oh, I almost forgot, you have to use a cookie cutter. It's pretty hard so I could help you if you wanted to.

After cookie making, everybody needed a break so I decided to sing some Christmas songs for everyone. Daddy tried to help, but he's not very good.

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Then you can open presents but only the ones not from Santa. You have to wait until the morning for Santa to bring his presents. I got to be the present helper this year. That way, I could find my presents first.

I got lots of presents, including lots of stuff I always wanted but I loved getting matching PJs with my little sister.

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Christmas was pretty exciting but it was even nicer to have Robin, Wedge, and Julian come visit. We had lots of fun together including games and sledding! I'm pretty good at sledding now, Look how cool I am.

Oh, and Aunt Wedge made everyone dragon hats. I know you think they look like dinosaur hats, but they're DRAGON hats! I let Julian have blue, and I'm green, and Rachel's purple.

What I like even better than sledding though is playing in the snow. I had lots of fun and even got Nicholas to play with me in my snow fort!

For New Year's, Julian and I had a sleepover in my room. We pretended to go to sleep but really played in my bed until 10! Then I made sure to wake up daddy at 7 the next morning.

It was so fun, I'm ready for a nap now. I'll tell you about Monster Trucks next time.

January 7, 2011

(Editor's note, I think I've finally started to capture the shortened, all knowing 3 year old tone)

Hey, did you know that I'm in big pre-k now? Yup, I'm almost 4 now so I'm big. I still miss my old class though and I go to say hi to my old teachers every day but here's some pictures so you can remember.

I was learning words so stamps were cool. I like puzzles too; they make me smart.

We also made up pictures for Father's Day, here's me telling the class about my daddy. I made that hat.

Rachel started at school around that time, I made sure she was happy. I love Rachel.

I loved waterplay (even with stickers). I like Star Wars too.

My teachers also made sure to let us help cook a lot, some of it was pretty weird but it all tasted good

I also hurt myself plenty of times with skinned knees and scratches but mommy says that's part of the summer.

There were also plenty of other fun things during the summer including pony rides and a magician (where I got to be the helper!)

Then it was pumpkin construction time.

And I had fun with all my buddies too

See, it's the fall, I already knew that.

We had a really fun party before I moved to my new class, I picked out cheetos and donuts for my party snacks.

November 28, 2010

Hi, it's past Thanksgiving and I haven't even told you about Halloween, boy am I behind. Well, my Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh came to visit me and that kept me pretty busy and there was all that candy to eat from Halloween. We also went to the pumpkin patch again and I picked out my own pumpkin and carried it back too. I decided I was brave enough to go on the climbing wall this year but I decided to stop about half way up, got to save something for next year.

Of course the jack-o-lantern we made from it was excellent, I choose to make a silly one because I'm silly; I even drew the face by myself!

I was Buzz Lightyear for Halloween this year and I went trick-o-treating at four places this year, there's a lot of candy still left. Mommy and Daddy say I can have as many pieces of candy as I'm old so I only get 3 pieces a day. Oh, we also had school pictures taken in our costumes, there were two other Buzz Lightyears and one Woddy in my class.

To Infinity and Beyond!

October 6, 2010

I thought that things would start slowing down once summer ended but it's been just as fun and busy. We went to the cool park with the zipline swing again and I got some really good air. I even convinced mommy to try it.


That's not the only thing I did that was brave. I've always been afraid of divers since I watched Finding Nemo so I'd always run away from them at the Aquarium. But the last time I went, I went up to the glass and said hi to the divers all by myself and it wasn't scary at all.

We also went to this really fun event at the park called Big Day of Play. There were lots of activities there that you could do to get stamps and then you could trade in the stamps for healthy snacks like roasted corn and make your own trail mix. My favorite was the Lego table and playing soccer. I made a really cool pirate jetcar all by myself. Mommy and daddy were really impressed how creative I was and told me I could starting playing with Legos now! I also played goalie in soccer for a long time. It's my favorite sport now and mommy and I are going to go to a class this winter (that and swimming).

The next day, mommy and daddy were still so excited about Legos that they dragged me to the "Lego Games" tour. It was pretty lame though (there were no Legos to build with) so we left and went over to the big fountain. Daddy tried to convince me to run over and touch the fountain but I wouldn't do it until he came with me. Lucky for me since I slipped running away and daddy caught me. It was pretty fun though.

Run away!

Since we had time left after that, we went to a really cool park I'd never been to. There was a cool fort to play in but the best were the low monkey bars just perfect for me. I did them all by myself.

Finally, we had lots of boxes at home so we made a pre-Halloween costume, the Sambot!

As if all that wasn't enough, we went on vacation to Yeh Yeh and Nai Nai's! There was lots of yummy food to eat and lots of cool toys to play with but mostly I liked playing with my family.

In between playing, we relaxed inside with some music. Nai Nai taught me to play on her piano and daddy got his clarinet and trumpet out for me. I really liked the trumpet, even better than a guitar now.

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Of course, we did take some trips to museums and zoos. I saw a dinosaur, a monkey, crickets, panda bears, leopards, and lots of other things.


Human Origins


Finally, we took a trip to Amish country and the Strasborg Railroad to see Thomas and lots of other fun things, check out the videos below.

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Before we left, we went duckpin bowling and had a big bag of crabs. It was a good trip.

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When we got back, the fun continued. We went to a new park opening and played with boats and I ran in my first fun run. Some bigger kids beat me but I came in the first ten. Way to go me!

Later dudes, I'm out.

September 2, 2010

This week was Western Week at daycare. We had lots of fun activities like sleeping in tents and sleeping bags today and a western lunch with out parents yesterday. Tomorrow is our stock show where we bring in our favorite stuffies for a show and tell. But the best part was Tuesday when we got to ride ponies. I had a great time and then drew a picture of the pony afterwards. Mommy and daddy say my drawing skills are getting a lot better, what do you think?

August 26, 2010

August started of with a birthday party. Actually there's been a whole freaking mess of birthday parties. I've been invited to 4 in a month but I could only go to 2. The ones we went to were pretty fun though. There was a dinosaur party where we had a giant dinosaur and then we played dinosaur games. I got to be a T-Rex and chase down my buddies for dinner, it was pretty cool.

You can probably tell that it was kind of rainy the day of the dinosaur party so afterwards we went to bowling! I was actually beating mommy and daddy for 4 frames but then I got bored and started playing backwards. It was pretty fun though and I'm looking forward to going to Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh house and playing duck pin with little balls.

It was even better next weekend when we went to this Seafair. Daddy was complaining about it being rainy but I thought it was super cool. There were pirates, cotton candy, space shuttles, hydroplanes, legos, and fire trucks! You'll have to go to the gallery to see.

August 17, 2010

It's been a busy summer so far. We started off with fireworks on the Fourth of July. But summer doesn't really start in Seattle until after the Fourth. If you plan on something on the Fourth of July, you'll be rewarded with rain. Sure enough, mommy and daddy took me to see the fireworks and we got rained on. But we brought our rain jackets and had a good time watching fireworks in our Gortex.

Next weekend was Day out with Thomas. We did the usual riding Thomas and playing with trains and I got my Junior Engineer license recertified. The best part was that we got to ride right behind Thomas on the ride. Rachel didn't seem to really notice but I had lots of fun.

Then we found a super cool swing at the park the next day. Daddy didn't think I was ready for it but I showed him.

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The next weekend was even busier. First we had a pinata party in the neighborhood, then we went to an air show. I was super excited to see all the airplanes and I even got to go in some. They were pretty loud though but a nice man gave me a pair of ear muffs.

This is your captain Sam speaking, please buckle your seatbelts and prepare to be silly.

Ummmm, why is this water gun so big?

Top Gun in training

This is the real training part. I didn't go very high but I didn't lose my lunch either.

After that, we ran over to the zoo for a concert. I don't really remember much other than eating a lot of salami and rolling down the hill a lot but it was a fun day.

After that weekend, we decided to take it easy. We went to the wading pool and I had a lot of fun with Rae. I really do love my little sister.

There's nothing like ice cream to bring two kids together.

Or carts

Well, that's all for July, sorry for the late update but I'm just exhausted. Here's one last picture to make it up.

July 17, 2010

I've been going to dance class for about a year now. Usually, it's pretty fun. We practice stretching and moving our bodies but I really like the tumbling and jumping parts. Daddy and mommy decided I would have more fun in gymastics class so I'm going to go there next week. But, here's a video of my first recital with my classmates. It was kind of hard to remember what to do with all of our parents there to watch us but our teacher helped us. Hope you like it.

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In the meantime, we've been having a lot of fun at home. We got these fruits bigger than my head called pomelos and we made some awesome hats, right?

Also, I've been adding to my train collection and daddy says he's helping me but I really think he just wants to play with them.

I've also been riding my bike a lot. I went with daddy in the street once when it was closed and went for 3 miles by myself. I was really tired after though but it was fun. I also got a new trailer bike that mommy can take me on, I'll try to get a picture put up later.

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