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I'm changing all the time!


28 months - Out of diapers!
22 months - Talking in sentences, counting to ten and most of my ABCs
18 months - I got all my teeth, peed in a potty, and know lots of animals now!
15 months - I know my body parts!
13 months - First word! (more)
11 months - Walking, standing up with out pulling up
10.5 months - Feeding myself with a spoon
10 months - Took two steps, started pointing with one finger, can go up and down the stairs by myself, imitates sounds
9-1/2 months - Free standing
8 months plus a little - Clapping and some signing
7-1/2 months - Standing while holding with only one hand
7 months - Pulling up and beginning cruising
Just under 7 months - army crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything
5-1/2 months - First tooth and solid food
5 months - Sitting
19 weeks - rolled from my back to my tummy
17 weeks - can prop myself up in a semi sitting position
9 weeks - first laugh
6 wks 2 days - rolled from my tummy to my back for the first time
around 4 weeks - my first non-gas smile

I'm a growing boy!


Samuel Yang's Website
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