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June 27, 2010

Ok, here it is at last, the Disneyland post. I couldn't wait to get started and went right away to Dumbo. I'd been talking about that one with mommy and daddy for a couple of days already.

The next big ride we went on was Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I was really excited because I got to drive a car but it was too dark and loud. I got scared and started to cry, luckily daddy was there to help me.

We took a break after that and went to Mickey's Toon Town. I met Mickey there and wasn't frightened of him at all even though he was big. I got to meet a lot more of Mickey's friends later too, including Minnie and Pluto plus some weird bears that tried to eat me.

After dinner, daddy took me to another ride called It's a Small World. I got really annoyed that it was so long and loud and asked daddy when it was ging to be over :-) We stayed for a pretty cool parade afterwards though and I danced with mommy in the street. Mommy decided that I should go on the teacups for our last ride of the day and boy did it make everyone dizzy, I had a lot of fun though.

The next day we went to California Adventure, I decided to be line leader and studied the map really hard to be ready.

I decided to go on a cool twirly ride and then I let daddy drive a little.

After that, we spent some time at the boardwalk. I went on a huge ferris wheel and won a dolphin at a fishing game. I named him Buz Lightyear because there was this awesome Toy Story ride there. I was a blaster guy and blasted everything. Plus I got to wear these cool glasses.

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Before leaving, I shared a tasty treat with daddy.

The next day, we went back to Disneyland and I was brave enough to do all the big kids ride including Space Mountain and Big Thunder Railroad.

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June 23, 2010

Before we get to Disneyland, I'll tell you a story. Mommy and daddy took me to where they went to college while we were on vacation and I had a fun time walking and playing around. But the best part was when we left and got some Strawberry Donuts from this place called Far Fosters. I ate half of a donut that was the size of my head. Then I fell asleep on the donut box on the way home.

June 19, 2010

We had some computer problems at home so I haven't been able to post so pardon the size of this one. There's a lot to tell.

I'm really into playing with balls now; whether it's soccer or football or bouncy balls, I'm just crazy about it. But the most fun is playing with the new T-ball set I got. I'm pretty good at it too. Now if I could only learn to catch (but mommy says I'm the best ball fetcher).


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I also got invited to my first birthday party. It was a beautiful day and there was lots of food and games to play but my favorite part was when my musci teacher came and sang songs for us. I even got to help sing and play instruments.

We also went on vacation to the beach. It was a long way away so we had to take an airplane to get there. But it was super fun, I could go and play on the sand all the time and there were lots of fun sand toys to play with.

Aunt Wedge, uncle Robin, and my friend Julian also came to play with us a couple of days. Julian really liked the ocean but I wasn't so sure. We both liked to get good and dirty though. Julian and I took a bath together afterwards and almost clogged up the drain with all the sand that came off us. Here's us finishing our cleaning by brushing our teeth.

There was also lots of other fun things to do there like the arcade, eating ice cream, and just being silly

I have a lot more to tell about my vacation, stay tuned for the next post :-)

May 2, 2010

I found some videos I forgot to post from before. The first set is of us at the park. It was a beautiful day so we had a picnic there. It was a really nice playground with basketball hoops that culd go up and down. I'm still too little to throw the basketball very high so daddy has to help me dunk it. I really liked playing there, but mostly I just liked eating cookies and doing silly things.

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Speaking of silly things, here's a video of me feeding my sister. Pretty adorable, me thinks.

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April 24, 2010

Today, I went to my first dentist appointment. I was very brave and didn't complain about anything. It helped that there was a Thomas video, toys at the end, and swimming if I was good. The dentist said I had really good teeth and I got a new toothbrush and floss to brush my teeth with.

I've also learned all my letters and numbers up to 9 now. I saw a name tag at the grocery store and recognized it as "Sam!" Oh, and check out the pictures from our trip to the Tulip Festival.

April 10, 2010

I hope everyone had a good Easter, I certainly enjoyed myself, I dyed eggs and then ate them. It was pretty fun but I really enjoyed finding them after the Easter Bunny hid them around the house. I also went to the egg hunt at the zoo and got lots of candy. I must've had lots of candy that weekend because mommy and daddy said I was driving them bonkers. Also, check out this awesome bunny mask I made, daddy thought I looked scary but I liked it.

I'm also working hard at helping mommy and daddy but it's hard to be a three year old. Sometimes I just have to throw a tantrum, but here's me helping to feed Rae.

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March 15, 2010

I've been working on my independence and saying no to my parents and teachers but only a little bit. Usually I listen and share with the other kids (but only if the toy isn't really cool). Mommy and daddy have instituted a sticker system for when I listen and help out around the house. If I get 10 stickers, I get to have a reward. I picked to go sledding again for one reward. We got some new sleds since the old ones were breaking. I really liked one and called it my car sled since I could steer. It was lots of fun and nobody got hurt (see video).

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We also had a gift exchange with some online kids who were born around the same time I was. I got lots of Micky Mouse stuff since I love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so much. In fact, now I won't use anything else.

Finally, the other day I saw daddy's RC car and really wanted to play with it. It was super fun to pretend my Sesame Street people were driving.

February 21, 2010

Hey everybody, I had a great birthday! On the day before, I had a playdate with some of my friends from daycare and it was great. We went to the bouncy place and bounced until everybody dropped down tired. I was so hungry that I ate a whole piece of pizza at Costco that was bigger than my head.

It's bigger than my head

The next day, I had a party at daycare. It was Mickey Mouse themed, we even made a pinata for it! Here's a video of us breaking it.

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Also, mommy made me this great cake, it was yummy.

I also got lots of presents, mostly Thomas, I've been playing with them non-stop ever since.

February 7, 2010

Only a week and one day till my birthday. I'm pretty excited about that and daddy's been working with me on making a pinata for it, you'll have to wait until later to see that. I'm ready to give up my naps, if mommy and daddy don't run me around in the morning, I don't sleep. Here's an example of some of the indoor activities we do

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If it's nice, we also go out and play. I'm really good at riding my bike now and daddy and I have races in the street.

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Fortunately for me, none of that worked yesterday. I sang as loud as I could during nap time and drove mommy bonkers
Sam out.

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